Changchun Juncheng Optical Instrument Co.,ltd.
About Us

After more than ten yearsof development, there are eight people in our scientific research team. All ofthem come from Chinese academy of sciences, changchun institute of precisionmachinery and physics. The company also hired a senior technical consultant toprovide technical guidance throughout the year.Over the years, the company acquires continuous innovation in the field ofprecision optical components manufacture, and takes part in ChinaAerospace and military products R&D and production many times.At present, the company has passed ISO9001:2008quality system certification. Our main products are spherical lenses,cylindrical lenses, prism, optical window, reflector, filter lens and achromaticlens etc. In addition to the common optical glass, we also can process CaF2,MgF2, BaF2, Se, ZnS, Ge, Si, sapphire and other crystal. For coating, we can dofrom 0.2um-20um, including AR coating, high reflect film, half reflect film,the splitting film, laser crystal film, IR film, UV film and optical fiber filmetc. Especially in the laser, the frequency doubling crystal, IR crystal, andUV band coating we have huge advantage. We not only have more than 50 advancedmilling grinding, polishing, plating equipments from the United States andJapan, and also introduced the ZYGO horizontal laser interferometer, AK100horizontal laser interferometer, LAMBDA950 spectrophotometer, the focal lengthmeter and other test equipments. We ensure product quality by advancedproduction technology and strict inspection. We believe product quality is thelife of enterprise, and provide our customers with the best quality andservice, to seek long-term development of the enterprise.